The Shamrock Hurling Team

The Shamrock Hurling Team

A split in the ranks of the Newport G.A.A Club in 1917, resulted in the formation of a second team called Newport Shamrocks. Mick Bourke penned the following verses in tribute to them.

At the foot of Keeper Mountain,
In a vale of verdant green,
Stands the little town of Newport,
By the Mulcaire’s sparkling stream.
There dwells as brave a lot of lads
As ever donned the green,
They’re the pride of North Tipperary,
The Shamrock Hurling Team.


Then go on the good old Shamrocks,
Draw your camáns strong and keen,
You’re the cream of Ireland’s hurling men
The boys in white and green.

God speed the brave O’Carrolls,
Dan Troy and Larry Ryan,
Bill Kennedy and Benton
In future days shall shine.
The Coffeys and Aherns,
Scotty Berkery and Jack Mack,
Are all determined home to bring
Our long-lost laurels back.

When I see them on the hurling field
My old heart thrills with pride,
It reminds me of my boyhood days
Down by the Mulcaire’s side.
They’re tall and straight, with manly gait,
Their faces tanned and brown
They are loved by all the colleens fair
Round lovely Newport Town

Give a cheer for bold Tom Coffey,
To him all honour’s due,
Well may the Gaels of Newport
Be proud of men like you.
We’ll sing your praise in simple lays,
O’er mountain, glen and stream,
May God guard that fearless little band,
The Shamrock Hurling Team.