The Boys of Newport Town

The Boys of Newport Town

By Michael Bourke

Tipp'rary men, attention pay I'll sing a verse or two,
In praise of those brave heroes, the boys in gold and blue.
They conquered all, from Moneygall, right down to Knockmealdown
They are now the champions of the North, the boys of Newport Town.

Tipp'rary's fame and peerless name
Will never be let down,
For victory's flag shall be kept flying
By the boys of Newport Town.

Moycarkey, Thurles, gallant Toom, Kildangan, Cappawhite,
Ahane, Young Irelands and Claughaun went down before their might.
They conquered all both great and small from Roscrea to Shannon's side,
Tipp'rary men in years to come will think of them with pride.

Then fetch around the whiskey and we'll give those men a toast -
For of those dashing hurlers, Tipp'rary now can boast.
To see them march through Nenagh town, it would fill your heart with pride,
They will bring All Ireland's final to the sparkling Mulcair's side.

Then success to those brave heroes, hurlers true and grand -
You could not find their equal if you searched all Ireland.
Give one cheer for Tommy Coffey and Michael Rainsford too
And a cheer for Father Ryan and the boys in gold and blue.