Song for Centenary Year

A Song for Centenary Year

Newport G.A.A. Club celebrated its 100th birthday in 1986. Michael Collins wrote the following verses to mark the occasion. It was sung by Timmy Floyd at the Annual Dinner Dance. (To the air of Joseph McHugh).


We are gathered tonight in festive surroundings
To honour a hundred years that have flown;
Since the seeds of the Gaelic Association
In the parish of Newport were firmly sown.

Our founding forefathers had wisdom and vision,
But I have no doubt that they could not foresee,
How the tiny seed they so lovingly planted,
Would blossom and flower to a gigantic tree.

Sing hurrah boys for Newport, we’re 100 years old


Now decade by decade, the years are converging;
For countless the memories, a century begets.
Let us think of the men who have kept the flag hoisted,
From morning sunrise, till the evening sun sets.

Oh we had the bravest, the greatest of heroes,
Undaunted they stood, in the thick of the fray.
They fostered the games, amid dangers and turmoil;
And left us the heritage, that we hold today.

Sing hurrah boys for Newport, we’re 100 years old


Now we have scaled, the high pinnacle of glory
And drank from the goblet, of dizzy success;
We have brought back the cups, and the glittering trophies,
To adorn the firesides, and glass-encased press.

We have plumbed the depths, of defeat to our sorrows,
Our pride has been humbled, with dismal display;
And so often our hopes, have been dashed at the outset,
And dreams have been shattered, in sad disarray.

Sing hurrah boys for Newport, we’re 100 years old


But we’ve risen again, like the Phoenix in legend,
For the spark never fails, to rekindle the flames
With pride in our parish, the colours we’ve worn,
Ever loyal and true, to our own native games

From Toor to Murroe, from Rearcross to the Shannon,
The ideals of Cusack, we’ve strove to uphold.
Since the Emmets and Shamrocks, we’ve kept the flag flying
To the present-day wearers, of purple and gold

Sing hurrah boys for Newport, we’re 100 years old


Then here’s to you Newport, and long may you flourish;
Be your sons ever true, to the games of the Gael;
Be proud of your past, as you look to the future;
Have courage and daring, and you shall not fail.

So stand up and be counted, have faith in your prowess;
Uphold the traditions, that were handed down
By the hurlers and athletes, that have gone before you,
And give of your utmost for old Newport Town

Sing hurrah boys for Newport, we’re 100 years old